Our Team


Josh Konoff
 is the entrepreneur and Executive Director of the Boston Volunteers, one of Boston’s most popular nonprofits. Josh is also diligently works by delivering business development for an independent financial planning firm. Josh is the captain of his soccer team, loves reading foreign language literature, adventuring, and real rock climbing. Josh lives by the precept “you miss one hundred percent of the shots that you never take” and fights for better. Contact him at josh[at]bostonvolunteer.org






Sehily Jaimes works at a small Institutional Review Board where research is reviewed and assessed to make sure it adheres to certain ethical guidelines. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and Psychology from Framingham State University. During her time at FSU, she participated in many student organizations on campus and learned the value of helping her neighborhood. She considers becoming part of Boston Volunteers an amazing experience because of the varied opportunities it offers to give back to the community and because of the great friendships that have been formed as a result. Apart from volunteering, she enjoys reading, running and singing along to her iPod playlist.



Phani Sukhavasi
is a Process Engineer working for one of the Biologics Manufacturing Company in Boston. He pursued his Masters in Chemical Engineering at University of South Alabama with research in the field of alternate fuel resources. Being part of the graduate school, he was involved in various student organizations and was elected as a leader for one of the international students welfare organization which has 465 members, the biggest organisation during his tenure. With his background and previous involvement with non-profit organizations, he is very thankful for Boston Volunteers because it provides a right opportunity to lead and participate in doing the most good to the Boston Community.